The Leather Advantage

Leather packings have longer life and require less maintenance – lowering your overall costs.

Mechanical leather packings have several advantages over other packings, due the very nature of their material. The hide that is used to produce leather and mechanical leather packings is a natural product, with individual fibers inter-woven in every conceivable direction. Leather has the unique quality of being both pliable and tough, and highly-resistant to wear. Consider the many benefits of leather packings:

Do not cold flow – Mechanical leather packings are produced from exceptionally strong material, allowing them to withstand the highest pressures to which any packing can be subjected – all with a minimum of cold flow or extrusion.

Have low coefficient of friction – Mechanical leather packings have an extremely low coefficient of friction leading to less heat generation, higher efficiency and a longer life span.

Will not score or abraid – Mechanical leather packings are non-abrasive, while having the tendency to "lap" in the metal parts upon which they work. Other, non-leather packing materials operating under the same conditions have a tendency to score.

Adapt to back supports – Mechanical leather packings effectively adapt to their back supports and, therefore, do not require specially shaped rings (with the exception of vee packings). This eliminates the necessity of expensive machinery, saving you time and money.

Permit greater wear clearances – Mechanical leather packings, due to their high tensile strength and their resistance to cold flow, can be used with greater wear clearances than other materials.

Adaptable to different types of service – Mechanical leather packings can be impregnated with different materials, making them adaptable to a wide range of operating conditions.

Can be stored indefinitely – Mechanical leather packings are not affected by either oxidation or sunlight, allowing them to be stored indefinitely without losing tensile strength.

Not affected by sub-zero temperatures – Leather is unaffected by sub-zero temperatures and; therefore, leather packings will not become brittle in cold conditions.

Do not require lubrication – Due to the nature of leather itself, mechanical leather packings have small surface wells that tend to carry the medium and furnish lubricity.

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