What are the advantages of mechanical leather packings?

Mechanical leather packings offer many distinct advantages. As a natural fabric that is pliable yet tough, leather packings are highly abrasion resistant. They do not cold flow, they have an extremely low coefficient of friction, and they will not score or abraid. Visit our advantages of mechanical leather packings page to learn more about how leather packings can reduce your costs.

In addition to leather seals, does Monarch-McLaren offer synthetic seals?

Yes, Monarch-McLaren can also meet your needs for synthetic seals. Our proven industry experts are available to help you select the right seal for your specific application.

Does Monarch-McLaren offer a stocking program?

Yes, with Monarch-McLaren's "stock and ship" program, you can benefit from timely product released to meet your needs. Contact Monarch-McLaren today for more details.

How long does it take to receive a quote from Monarch-McLaren?

You can expect to receive a prompt response to your quotation request within 24 hours.

What types of leather does Monarch-McLaren use?

Monarch-McLaren uses several types of leather. Oak leather is used for many parts, such as water well cups, which are designed to be more moisture resistant. The majority of all water service parts are manufactured out of oak leather. Chrome leather is a tougher-grain of leather that is also used by Monarch-McLaren. Military chrome is primarily used to meet government specifications, as most government specifications require chrome leather. Retan leather has had the chrome extracted and is used for the majority of leather packings.